We specialize in providing solutions across various industrial sectors, including the following disciplines:

Oil & Gas

SAMICON’s extensive experience allows us to offer a comprehensive range of EPCC services for upstream development in the oil and gas field. We focus specifically on cracking and aromatic units, heavy hydrocarbons, condensate, CFO, and sour rich gas cracking plants. At the Group level, our oil and gas division is responsible for ensuring consistency in project management policies and strategies across the entire organization.


SAMICON is specialized in EPC and management consulting of advanced mega projects in the mid and downstream sectors. Our team of qualified technical and support personnel is experienced in working on projects such as ethylene, propylene, xylene, olefins, paraffin, methanol, and petro-refinery plants. We use efficient and integrated methods to ensure timely delivery of projects that meet the highest standards of safety and quality, resulting in customer satisfaction.


Based on the complexity of the manufacturing process, chemical products are divide into basic, intermediate and fine chemicals. At SMICON, we offer comprehensive EPC and MC services for all types of chemicals and industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, coatings, and construction.

Power Plants

SAMICON offers a wide range of EPC and program management services for power plants, including combined cycle, hydroelectric, geothermal, and coal, diesel, and gas-fired facilities. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to provide innovative and sustainable EPC solutions for our valued clients.

Water Treatment

At Samicon, we specialize in designing customized packages, plants, and special process solutions for all types of water used in industrial facilities, from primary waters to process and waste waters. To achieve this, we offer expertise in the areas of solid-liquid separation, oil-liquid separation, and wastewater treatment to our customers.


As the world shifts towards renewable energy and SAMICON places increasing emphasis on social responsibility, we have made it a priority to establish itself as a reputable and professional company in this field. Starting in early 2022, we have expanded our services to include the preparation, analysis, design, construction, commissioning, operation, and management of clean energy projects, specifically in the solar and wind sectors.

Metall & Mining

We offer comprehensive services for metal and mining projects, including copper, coal, iron ore, and gold. Our services cover every aspect of the project, from initial feasibility studies to providing technical expertise and detailed engineering. We also assist with procurement, procurement services, construction supervision, and management.

General Industry

As an EPC contractor with extensive experience in the design and development of industrial projects, we offer a comprehensive range of EPC services including holistic consultancy and technical services in various industries such as automotive, cement, textile, agriculture, telecommunication, roads and urban development.