Harnessing Solar Innovation in the MEWA Region with LONGi and Samicon Services

Harnessing Solar Innovation

At the forefront of the evolving solar landscape, LONGi’s name resonates with quality and revolutionary strides in the field of photovoltaics. The introduction of their HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back-Contact Cell) module series has marked their position at the pinnacle of the market. But what exactly is HPBC, and why should it matter to commercial and industrial end-users?

The Leap from IBC to HPBC: Advancements in Solar Cell Technology

Understanding the significance of HPBC technology requires a look back at its predecessor, the IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) technology, which emerged in 1975. IBC technology presented the opportunity to completely eliminate front electrodes, enhancing solar cell efficiency and enabling a more aesthetically pleasing design. By adopting HPBC, LONGi has managed to boost efficiency rates up to 22.8%, making LONGi modules some of the most efficient in the world. This efficiency not only positions LONGi modules at the forefront globally but also results in an average increase in power generation by up to 10% compared to traditional PERC products.

Samicon Services: Your Gateway to LONGi’s Technology in the MEWA Region

The MEWA Region (Middle East and West Asia) is currently undergoing a notable transformation in its energy policies. Blessed with abundant sunlight, political commitment, and a growing inclination toward renewable energies, this region is becoming a hub for green energy. For technology providers, establishing a presence in this booming market is invaluable.

In this dynamic phase, Samicon Services stands as a central player. As an authorized distributor and panel integrator for LONGi in the MEWA region, Samicon ensures a seamless transition of LONGi’s advanced products to meet regional demands. With an in-depth understanding of the local market, Samicon Services emerges as the preferred partner for implementing solar technology projects in the MEWA region.

Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market

The PV market is increasingly competitive, and the spectrum of cell technologies is both wide and complex. While there is no clear market leader in cell technology, there are providers like LONGi who distinguish themselves with unique products and an excellent price-performance ratio. As a distributor and panel integrator in the MEWA region, Samicon Services is your link to these innovative technologies, particularly LONGi’s offerings.


LONGi’s groundbreaking HPBC technology is changing the rules of the game in photovoltaic innovation. Samicon Services is here as your trusted partner in the MEWA region, bringing LONGi’s innovations directly to you. Get in touch to unlock the full potential of solar power!

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